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O que fazemos

we do

Suindara connects the dots

We play a purposeful and constructive role in the arts, culture, sustainability and health­-related arenas.

-Identification of cause, attributes and positioning.
­-Strategy development, bringing the identified cause to life.
Projects and Licensing:
– Creation, implementation, management and monitoring of results.
Incentive laws:
– Savvy use of incentive laws in order to generate benefits to society, to the brand and to the cause itself.

We are living in a unique context in the twenty­-first century: people are blooming with ideas and passion about what they do. Brazil pulses this creative and innovative reality, characteristic of our very own way of existing and relating to the world.
What we do is to help brands engage in dialogue with this new scenario, identifying and developing projects that express this creative and innovative context. And we connect the parts.

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