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About us

Suindara Radar e Rede specializes in building brands.

Suindara is a word of Tupi Guarani origin which names a white­-feathered owl with a heart­-shaped face. Its neck rotates an impressive 270 degrees, and its privileged gaze strikes from all angles. Suindara is a messenger that transmits wisdom and knowledge.

Suindara Radar e Rede is born in the context of the twenty­-first century, in Brazil. This says a lot for our identity. Our vocation is to be an active contributor in the making of a new world model. A more collaborative, conscientious, sustainable and artistic world.

The Eye of the Owl is the conducive force which reveals and connects initiatives, brands, institutions and people who are not only aligned with their identity, but who also seek to contribute to accelerating the ongoing transformations taking place on the planet.