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Suindara | Mãe Terra by Bela Gil

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Mãe Terra by Bela Gil

Mãe Terra, a renowned brand of healthy, natural, and organic products has launched a signature line in partnership with chef and TV presenter, Bela Gil.

Gil has been an important figure in the dissemination of information, and in challenging old beliefs and values by using food as a catalyst for social transformation.

What we did

Suindara Radar e Rede was responsible for the idealization, implementation, and management of the Mãe Terra by Bela Gil project, including:

• Introduction of Bela Gil to Mãe Terra
• Negotiation and implementation of the Licensing Deal
• Relationship management between the two brands: Bela Gil and Mãe Terra



Delicious integral and organic cakes

Cake of coconut with babassu

Organic tapioca and Ritto da Chef, by Bela Gil

Mãe Terra and Bela Gil, a great meeting!