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Suindara | Festas no Brasil (Brazilian Festivities)

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Festas no Brasil (Brazilian Festivities)

Involving thorough research to map the main popular cultural festivals in the country, Festas no Brasil is a project in website form that records the diversity of these local cultural manifestations. It recognizes and commends regional artistic expressions as a structuring element of the multiculturalism that defines the very identity of the Brazilian people.
It was developed for Casas Bahia, one of the most traditional Brazilian retail chains, as part of the redesign of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

What we did

Suindara was an active participant in the definition of the cause strategy of Casas Bahia, which, conceptually, can be summarized as ‘the promotion of reflections between tradition and identity’. Once we identified the key areas of operation, we implemented the project, along with partners Espiral, Diadorim, and Catraca Livre.

Suindara’s responsibilities in this project involved:

• Planning and development of cause strategy
• Brand positioning and manifesto creation
• Naming and visual identity
• Implementation and management


Artwork created for the project Boi Bumbá Festivity ­ an explosion of colors Boi Bumbá Festivity ­ Artwork created for the project Boi Bumbá Festivity ­ Artwork created for the project  Boi Bumbá Festivity ­ Folklore in colorsIemanjá Celebrations ­ Artwork created for the project Iemanjá Celebrations ­ Artwork created for the project Nossa Sra. da Boa Morte Festivity ­ Artwork created for the project