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Suindara | Natural One

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Natural One

Acting in both Brazilian and international markets, Natural One is recognized as a pioneer in natural juices with no sugar or preservatives. Together, Suindara and Natural One work on the strategic advances for the expansion of the brand, as well as on the creation of the Group’s institutional branding.

What we did?
Suindara Radar e Rede was invited by Natural One to work on their brand positioning and identification of causes. In parallel, we developed the complete strategy for the Group’s institutional brand. Here’s what we did:

Definition of Natural One’s purpose, values, positioning, tone, and manifesto Co-creation workshop involving several areas of the company
Development of their institutional brand and its strategic pillars, including naming, visual identity, manifesto, tone, and image guidelines for their brandbook.


Natural One Factory

Factory’s office, in Jarinu

Natural One Factory

Natural One Factory

Workshop of co-creation on the farm where the company’s history began

Workshop of co-creation: construction of values and purpose

Workshop of co-creation: Natural One Team