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Who we are

We transform your ideas into relevant brands and into projects of real impact.

Suindara Radar e Rede specializes in creating a direct dialogue between brands and their audiences through projects that address the different demands of contemporary society.

We were founded upon the belief that, in this day and age, it is no longer possible to separate the brand attitude from its social discourse. We understand that the 21st century hails conscious consumerism, expressed by not only what but also by how and why people consume. Consumers are looking for brands to which they have an affinity. Brands that in addition to creating products and services, play a constructive and transformative role, and leave a legacy in this world.

With almost 10 years on the market, we have harnessed the principle of networking to its full potential. We understand co-creation as a force that strengthens relationships and allows for the development of innovative solutions. As such, we have built a multidisciplinary group of specialists, curators, designers, institutions, producers and artists who work together to develop projects that generate real impact for brands, companies and society as a whole.

Why Suindara?

Suindara is a word of Tupi Guarani origin which lends its name to a white­-feathered owl with a heart­-shaped face. The suindara owl has not only the power of night vision, but also a neck that rotates an impressive 270 degrees. Its privileged gaze strikes from all angles.

These very characteristics allow us a more humane and strategic vision, enabling a broad understanding of the many different aspects and nuances of the world we live in. It presents us with possibilities previously unknown or not perceived. This type of vision transforms ideas into projects of real and positive impact.

Company B Certified

Suindara Radar e Rede is a Certified B Corporation. The B Certification is an international certification for companies that employ a holistic approach to the way they conduct business. Click here to learn more.