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Visualism Art Technology and City

Visualism Art Technology and the City was born from the desire of lending new meanings to the occupation of public spaces through the use of art. The initiative combines visual arts and technology in promoting a new perception and understanding of our surroundings. It is an invitation to rethink the ways we feel and relate to the city.

Made up of three components a seminar, a visual arts laboratory and a festival with large-scale audiovisual projection Visualism Art Technology and the City took place across Rio de Janeiro (RJ), in sites such as MAR (Rio Art Museum), Parque Lage School of Fine Arts, Madureira Park, Central Station and Praça Mauá.

The project was idealized in partnership with Espiral Productions.
Pontofrio was Visualism’s sponsoring brand, making use of the Rouanet law from MinC (Ministry of Culture).

What we did

In addition to idealizing the project, Suindara Radar e Rede was responsible for bringing together a network of 20 artists from across the country to create and present their work, and for securing Pontofrio as a main sponsor. With the slogan “Hail to Innovation”, Pontofrio was the perfect partner with which to associate technology, as well as these innovative ways of occupying and reflecting the city. In this project, Suindara was also responsible for:

• Visualism Art Technology and the City brand positioning and manifesto
• Mapping of operational areas
• Articulation of the network of actors and stakeholders needed for the project
• Visual identity and communication strategy
• Planning and execution of an adherence strategy for Pontofrio


Hera, Katia Maciel Surveillance, Regina Silveira, Caio Fazolin MaUÁ Remixes, Roberta Carvalho Melancia, Lirio Ferreira A.M. Rua da SaÚde, Alice Miceli Quanto É o que nos separa, MarilÁ Dardot Entretempos, Yuri FirmezaTodos os Santos, Eder Santos 54, Spetto IED, Gisela Motta e Leandro Lima Cascata, AndrÉ e JÚlio Parente Cais do Corpo, Virginia de Medeiros Mar Ansiolítico, Fernão Ciampa,  Coletivo Embolex Areia, Milton Marques Contra Correntes, Marcus Bastos PrÉ-8, Raimo Benedetti Pulsar, Luis Duva George Stinney Jr., Vik Muniz Hera, Katia Maciel

Audience at Central do Brasil Station

Audience at Central do Brasil Station

Audience at Mauá Square

Audience watching 3D audiovisual performance

Audience at Mauá Square

Audience with the Visualismo Festival program

Árvore, Clarice Lima

Opening of the seminar at EAV, Lage Park

Seminar at Rio Art Museum

Laboratory with selected artists, at Rio Art Museum

Rio de Janeiro streets with the intervetions of Visualismo

“Visualismo Arte Tecnologia e Cidade” projected on building at night, Mauá Square