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Festival São João (Festival of St. John) / Cachoeira, Bahia

The project Festival São João (Festival of St. John) fosters deep reflections on the tradition and the future of Brazilian popular festivals. It consists of Seminar and Festivity and encourages society to actively participate in and take ownership of the various expressions within Brazilian popular culture, especially the São João Festival.
The city of Cachoeira, in Recôncavo Baiano ‐ listed as a Heritage Site by IPHAN (Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage) ‐ was gleefully chosen for its historical importance and tradition in holding major cultural festivities. The project was developed for Casas Bahia.

São João Festival in Cachoeira
Excerpt from Cordel by Aderaldo Luciano
From sacred music and singing
Stemmed from tradition
o the whimsical dance,
In grassy knolls and ballrooms
While the embers burned
People were having a blast
On the night of St. John.


Festival of St. John ­ Gilberto Gil Concert Festival of St. John ­ food & drinks stand Festival of St. John ­ Cordestinos Gilberto Gil and Lucy Alves concert Festival of St. John ­ Lucy Alves Crowd present at the festival A folklore group presentation Festival stage Traditional foods & drinks The Festival program The Cachoeirano Theatre Seminar with Mestre Avelino, Gilberto Gil, Bule Bule and Dona Dalva Bule Bule at the Seminar Mestre Avelino's Dolls City of Cachoeira, Bahia City of Cachoeira, Bahia City of Cachoeira, Bahia