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Tamar Cultural Movement

The Tortuguita and Tamar Cultural Movement was a project that brought music concerts, theatre plays, and environmental education workshops to Tamar in Ubatuba, a city on the northern coast of the state of São Paulo.

The festival was sponsored by Tortuguita, a brand of chocolates from Arcor. Given that the Tortuguita character is a turtle and the Tamar Project focuses on the preservation of the sea turtles, this partnership was a match made in heaven.

Among its main attractions were renowned Brazilian artists, such as Lenine, Arnaldo Antunes, Marcelo Jeneci, Grupo Trii, and Fadas Magrinhas, to name a few.

What we did

Drawing from its expertise in translating brand values into actions of real social impact, Suindara Radar e Rede conceptualized the integration, and designed the insertion of the Tortuguita brand into the Tamar Cultural Movement:

• Mapping of the areas of operation for the Tortuguita brand
• Creation of the platform ‘Tortuguita and Tamar Cultural Movement’
• Project development and implementation
• Communication strategies


Nana, the green turtle, Project Tamar Preparing for the canoe boat race Environmental Education Workshop for Children Audiences attending Tamar Cultural Movement

Workshop with Barbatuques Group Lenine concert ­ a dear friend and supporter of Tamar Tamar HQ in Ubatuba A rehabilitated sea turtle returning to the ocean