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Reflecting about female and male values and rethinking a new narrative for the 21st century were the objectives of the first journey of the Projeto Mapa, designed and realized by Suindara. The journey brought together leaders from 18 to 70 years, from different backgrounds, social classes and areas of expertise. Together for the first time, the participants boarded on a five-day journey that brought up new investigations and sought to formulate a representative map of society in its transformation process.

The U Theory, developed by Otto Scharmer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was the social innovation methodology chosen to guide the journey. The first day of the project was led by the South African Marian Goodman, leader of the Innovation Leadership Labs – Presencing Institute(MIT) – and co-facilitated by Cesar Matsumoto, U Theory expert advisor. It has the UN partnership through the Global Pact , Presencing Institute, Getúlio Vargas Foundation Innovation System, Sistema B and SESC. The project was sponsored by Natura co-realized by Black Fair negrahub.

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